When the cold season arrives, it is very pleasant to arrive at home and enjoy the comfort produced by the heat emitted by a wood burning fireplace.

However, if you are evaluating the option of installing a fireplace, it is very likely that the question arises as to whether it is necessary to have a fire extinguisher.


In this sense, although there is no regulation that requires having a fire extinguisher in a home that has a fireplace – unlike in buildings, where there is a legal obligation – security experts recommend having one if a chimney is installed.

This precaution, in case of a fire, can make the difference between having a bad time or an event with serious or fatal consequences.

On the other hand, there are some essential caveats when buying a home fire extinguisher.


Location of the extinguisher

It is undoubtedly the fundamental factor when buying a fire extinguisher. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate which are the most susceptible sites where the fire can start and locate it in the vicinity of these vulnerable places.

Location in inaccessible locations or in places that are difficult to access during an emergency should be avoided.

Most manufacturers recommend placing it in a special support, in a nearby or easily accessible area, if you need to use them.

On the other hand, they also recommend taking care to avoid sources of extreme cold or heat that can render their effectiveness useless.

What maintenance a fire extinguisher needs

The fire extinguisher requires periodic preventive maintenance. As with the revisions of the chimneys, which ensure their optimal operation, the revision of the extinguisher will ensure that it is in perfect condition in case of having to use it.

The expiration date must be taken into account and follow the recommendation issued by the manufacturer to keep it in good condition.

On the other hand, for proper operation you must read the instructions in advance and at the required time follow them to the letter.

Among other considerations, although the content of the extinguisher is not toxic, it is important to know that it can cause irritation, especially in children, pets or people with delicate health.

Other security measures

In addition to the recommendation to have a fire extinguisher located in an easily accessible place in case the need to use it arises, there are other advisable measures to increase safety at home.

We must ensure that the extinguisher is placed in a place out of reach of children.

Another valuable suggestion is to have a door in the fireplace. This prevents sparks from falling to the ground and causing a fire and also prevents both children and pets from suffering burns when in contact with the fireplace.

These doors are made to measure and according to the style of home decoration. In addition to offering security to the home when using the fireplace, they can become a decorative element.

On the other hand, the doors of the fireplace with grilles or fans allow better use of the heat and represent a significant saving in firewood.

In short, it is convenient to take the foresight of buying a fire extinguisher when installing a fireplace inside the house.

It is essential to keep in mind that the safety of the family and the property are invaluable and that the extinguisher is a factor that minimizes the risk of controlling a fire caused by the chimney.

Its proper location, periodic preventive maintenance and knowledge of how to use it at the necessary time are fundamental elements to take into account.

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By Catharine Bwana