Microcement kitchen: price and advantages

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and want to give a sober, modern and elegant air to your home, one of the options you should put on the table is the microcement kitchen.

This is a choice that professionals and users are increasingly opting for due to the quality of their finishes. But what are its advantages and features?

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Particularities of microcement kitchens

Microcement kitchens attract attention because we can get them in a wide variety of tones, finishes and materials. Let’s know a little more about them.

These kitchens are characterized by:

  • Its resistance and durability over time.
  • They are easy to clean, so they save us problems.
  • They have a simple maintenance, we will not have to spend more.

– How they are made

The technology of microcement kitchens is based on the chemistry of a cement compound, with which a fine fluid capable of offering great strength and hardness is obtained.

– Styles we can get

Using microcement in the kitchen can help us achieve two of the most demanded styles.

First of all, we must highlight the rustic style, if we opt, for example, for a kitchen of microcement and wood.

It is also perfect to give an industrial air to the room, because we are talking about a material that is generally used in construction.

Microcement kitchen price

How to work with microcement in the kitchen

Microcement in the kitchen can be achieved in various colors and finishes. From a raw material, we can achieve fine and high quality finishes that will give the room a quiet and harmonious appearance.

– Tones in which we can choose our kitchen

This material has the particularity of being able to trap light.

Thanks to this, we will obtain balanced, soft tones that will give harmony to the kitchen.

Being an element composed of resins, water, polymers and fine aggregates, we can dye it. In this way, we will achieve the tone we want in a simple way.

– Apply microcement on the wall

One of the ways in which we can use microcement in our kitchen is by applying it on the wall of it.

This finish will be resistant to moisture, can be easily repaired in case of mishap and welcomes a large number of decoration styles in a good way.

In addition, we can also use microcement to create resistant furniture that does not break the aesthetic line that we want to achieve in our kitchen.

– Application on the kitchen floor

On the other hand, we can also use it on the floor of the room.

This floor stands out for having three different and very interesting textures:

  • Smooth and fine finish: for the interior and kitchens for domestic use.
  • Medium rough finish: ideal for work kitchens (restaurants, bars, etc.)
  • Very rough finish: used in industrial kitchens, such as those in factories.

Likewise, the finishes of the microcement floor can be presented in matte, satin or gloss tones. This choice will depend on the look we want for our kitchen.

Microcement in kitchens

Advantages of having a microcement kitchen

Whether we have chosen a cement coating for the walls of our kitchen or for the floor, this option has a series of marked advantages.

– Great resistance

Microcement is a material capable of withstanding shocks in a durable way, as well as abrasion or cracks that can occur due to excessive use of it.

To achieve the best result, we will make sure that the chosen material is of excellent quality.

– Non-slip material

After adding the moisture sealant to our microcement kitchen, this finish will become non-slip.

That is, if we spill water on its surface, we will be avoiding unwanted accidents. We must also bear in mind that the greater the roughness of the finish, the more its non-slip capacity will increase.

– Very waterproof

Microcement is not an impermeable material by itself. However, the last layer that is applied must be mixed with a moisture sealant, which will achieve that desired effect.

– Continuity and elegance

The microcement floor or wall has no joints, so it has continuous extension and a greater consistency.

In addition, it can be dyed to achieve various shades and finishes, always looking for harmony with the rest of the house and the tastes of the user.

– Strong adhesion and support

The microcement finish adheres perfectly to its support material, avoiding irregularities on the pavement.

In addition, in the case of soils, they will not expand or contract due to external agents. This is because they are composed of resin.

– Low maintenance

Kitchens made with microcement require hardly any maintenance and are easy to clean.

Disadvantages of microcement

Microcement kitchen finishes, including microgranite and quartz, are a product of great interest for their durability and variety. Although they can give good results aesthetically speaking, there are some drawbacks that every buyer should take into account before acquiring them.

– Long lead time

In general, this type of soil requires a large investment of time in the execution procedure. In addition to the new price compared to traditional options that require faster completion, microcement kitchen flooring is usually made with two layers, one on top of the other.


If the soil is damaged, and these are of large caliber, it can be quite expensive to repair. This is difficult to happen due to its great resistance, but it is something that we must take into account.

– Properly trained installers are needed

Although there are some self-installation kits, they require the advice of special technicians who know how to work with this product. These professionals have an excellent sense of aesthetics and experience in all types of businesses, but their additional knowledge is not free as it is necessary to pay them for their services.

Microcement kitchen

As you can see, opting for a microcement kitchen is doing it for a functional element for both the interior and exterior. Do you dare?

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By Catharine Bwana