Problems with the Jacuzzi at the beginning of the summer season?

First of all we must find the Problem, the Spa to State off for 8 months and now when we want to start it we find different problems that I will list


The Problem may be in the air pump, in the heater or in one of the massage pumps.como know which of them is in short circuit .very easy we disconnect a pump and turn back on .if there is still a short circuit and jumps differential that pump is fine.we will continue disconnecting the heater or other pumps until you locate the one that is in short circuit

The jacuzzi starts when you want

This may be because the jacuzzi is heating or that it is filtering. The spa has a factory schedule of filtration and every 24 hours starts the pumps, blower and heater several minutes to test that everything works. You basically don’t have to worry. If the spa or hot tub annoys the neighbors because it gets going in the middle of the night, this can be fixed. We can control spa leaks and adjust the filtration schedule. This will depend on the control box model your spa has installed. This is not a problem, Outdoor Spas have programmed a program that can be changed.only you should read your manual and in the Filtering Schedule you can put the indicated Schedule so that it does not bother the neighbors

The jacuzzi does not start after changing the water

From time to time we have to change the water of the jacuzzi or spa. This involves having to empty the spa completely and fill it up again. During this process we can damage the filtration pump or the massage pump if we do not do it correctly. If the spa does not start when changing the water it means that the filtration pump or massage pump has taken air (they have to be purged). Try turning the pumps off and on several times using the button on the screen. If you can’t get the spa up and running, you have to remove the air from the spa circuit. The easiest way to remove air is through the circulation pump or heater. You can loosen one of the nuts of the pipes of the circulation pump or heater and when loosening you will notice that the air comes out for 5 to 10 seconds and then the water .tighten the nut again and the air will have come out completely and you can turn the spa back on

Circulation Pump Loses Water

This usually goes through the lime of the water or through waters with grit. A piece that we call the pump seal is damaged, it is not easy to change it and it is best to call the technician to perform the repair

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By Catharine Bwana