Types of fences for plots

Choosing the type of fence to delimit a plot is a decision that you should make calmly. It is a fence that will cover a considerable area and the decision you make will be the final one.

Luckily there are many options you have, each offering you its advantages and disadvantages. So that you know what type of fence fits best in your case we will review the different alterantivas.


Metal fences are widespread, as it is a material with very good resistance. There are many types of fences available, and depending on the type of fence you are looking for, you will be more interested in one or the other.

– Single twist mesh

It is the classic metal fence. It is necessary to place some posts along the entire fence to support the structure

It is mainly used for urban environments, but also serves to delimit plots since you can choose different heights.

Single twist mesh

– Triple twist mesh

It is frequently used in rural fences. It is a lighter fence than the simple twist and is easier to manipulate.

Triple twist fence

– Electrowelded mesh

It is a very resistant and versatile type of metal fence. It serves both urban and rural environments.

They can have a galvanized and/or plasticized steel finish.

Galvanized steel fence

– Braided sheet metal fence

It is a model of residential fence of concealment. It has an elegant design and offers great resistance.

It is placed on a wall and is a fantastic solution for homes that seek privacy without having to give up design.

Braided sheet metal fence

– Fence of slats

This is another type of concealment metal fence. They are also known as Mallorcan or Venetian lama fences.

Thanks to its design it maintains the privacy of the plot while letting air through. The most common finish is galvanized and kiln-lacquered steel.

Valla de lamas


The wooden fences stand out for their good appearance, but they are also an economical and easy to install alternative.

– Perimeter fences

The perimeter fences are designed to delimit plots. It is a very simple and economical type of fence that hinders access but does not prevent it.

Its appearance is elegant and allows fencing large extensions.

Wooden permit fence

– Classic fence

It is a type of wooden fence widely used to delimit gardens. Its height is low, but it can be placed on a wall to increase the difficulty of access.

It also serves to delimit spaces within the same plot or garden. Both for an orchard and for a swimming pool, its easy installation makes it a fantastic option for individuals.

Classic wooden fence


There are also wooden fences that guarantee the concealment of the land. These are large panels offer total privacy.

There are different designs, among which is the wooden version of the braided veneer.

They are cheaper than metal fences but their resistance is lower.

Wood panels


Both fences made of PVC and polypropylene are excellent alternatives. They are very light materials that fit perfectly for some situations.

– Classic fence

It is the same as the wooden fence but using PVC for its manufacture. It offers good resistance to different weather conditions and its price is lower.

It is an interesting option to establish those perimeter fences of any garden or plot. Its installation is simple and does not require a large investment.

Classic fence


Lattices are a type of fence designed to complement a wall. They are not very resistant, but they offer an economical enclosure.

They are also available in wood, and are designed so that you can cut them if you need it. They are also used for the decoration of terraces and gardens.

PVC lattice fence


Stone fences and walls are the most consistent option. Although your installation is slower, they offer a solution with a huge lifespan.

– Stone walls

These are brick walls that a bricklayer will have to build. It is a slower job, but it is the best alternative to have a very resistant wall.

Walls can be installed exclusively in stone or combined with other systems. It is advisable to use the wall at the bottom and a fence at the top to allow some visibility.

Stone wall

– Gabion Wall

Gabion walls had been used in civil works for some time, but due to their original appearance their use has also been extended to homes.

Although it is not as resistant as a stone wall, it does offer a good finish. In addition, it has the advantage of being a type of fence that fits very well with the decoration of homes.

Gabion Wall

– Concrete fence

Finally you have the concrete fences. They are composed of prefabricated plates of this material that are fitted to form the wall.

It is faster to build than the stone wall and the strength and durability are enormous.

Concrete fence

You will have to assess what type of fence fits best for your plot. But what you must be clear about is that you do not lack options.

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By Catharine Bwana