6 tips for small bathrooms

Whether you have just bought your new home or you are an investor who has bought an apartment to rent, you will be interested to know how you can gain more space from a small bathroom.

It is common in large cities to find small homes, and one of the places where this lack of space is most noticeable is in the bathroom.

With these tips you can make more space available. You will have the same functions within the room, but you can get more free space in which to move easily.

Small washbasin

One of the main failures of small bathrooms is found in the sink. It is very common to place a standard size sink, taking up more space than it should.

The usefulness of the sink is actually very basic, so we do not need large surfaces where we brush our teeth or face. That’s why the small sink is the first change you should consider.

You can see the entire range of small sinks in Todo Muebles de Baño. You will realize that it is not necessary to give up aesthetics when opting for a small sink.

Today the offer is enormous, and there are many bathrooms that need this type of sinks. This should be one of the main changes you have to make.

And if space allows, you can try placing a marble sink. You will see how the decoration of your bathroom improves!

Small sink

Change the bathtub for shower tray

Formerly bathtubs were placed in all the houses that were built, regardless of the size of it. It was the custom and there was no reason to change it.

But the truth is that currently it does not make much sense to have a bathtub, since we rarely use it to take a bath. That is why shower trays are becoming so fashionable, both in small and large bathrooms.

This change should be forced in a small bathroom. What you get with this is to eliminate an object as bulky as the bathtub and you also have the possibility of choosing a shower tray that occupies a smaller surface.

You can gain a few centimeters to the bathroom and you will see how you notice the difference.

Place a folding screen

Folding screens are best for small bathrooms (here you can see all types of screens). It is a model that folds on itself, allowing entry to the shower in very small spaces.

This choice is very interesting whether you have changed from bathtub to shower or if you already have a shower. The screen is the best choice to prevent water from coming out, and if you also opt for a folding one you will not take away space from the shower or the bathroom.

Use suspended bathroom furniture

The best bathroom furniture is those that are suspended, freeing the entire lower area of the bathroom.

The advantages of this furniture are very varied:

  • They give a greater sense of spaciousness by leaving a few centimeters free above the ground
  • They facilitate the cleaning work, something fundamental in small bathrooms
  • You can store some objects under them, such as storage boxes, the scale or a small trash can

In short: they are the ideal solution. They also have a very interesting aesthetic finish, so you will not have to give up the design.

Bathrooms with suspended furniture

Place shelves on the walls

Placing a shelf in the bathroom to get storage space is an idea that you have to get out of your head. By doing so you will lose a lot of useful space, since the shelf will eat up bathroom land, and in small bathrooms every inch counts.

In this case it is best to place shelves and make them shallow. Being in an elevated area of the bathroom will free up a lot of space in it, while providing you with the storage space you need.

You can also place a shelf in the recess above the door. That area will be unused, so you can take advantage of it to store towels or the remaining toilet paper.

The only place you should put a shelf is above the toilet. There are models that leave the hole for the cistern and then provide you with 3 or 4 shelves in the upper area. It is a great solution to not lose space in the bathroom.

Remove expendable items

Anything that is not absolutely essential should go outside the bathroom. They can be spare towels, the dryer or the laundry basket. If you do not have enough space you should place all these objects elsewhere.

It is important to have enough mobility in the bathroom, so you should prioritize free space to store all kinds of objects for the bathroom. Find a place somewhere else in the house and save it there.

If the bathroom has a bidet, consider making a small reform to remove it. The space it occupies is enormous and the use given to it today is very limited.

If this is your case you will see how you gain a large amount of space simply by removing this element.

Example of a small bathroom with improvements

If you act on all these points you will be able to minimize the amount of elements in the bathroom and you will have more space in which to move.

If you have just acquired the house it is the best time to carry out the reform. It will take longer to enter to live in it, but the improvement will be substantial.

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By Catharine Bwana