Shower trays: choose from these materials

More and more bathrooms are changing the bathtub for a shower tray, but making this change opens up a range of materials to choose from.

To make the right choice you must understand the characteristics of each material. Knowing the implications of each one will cause you to buy the shower tray you really want.

You can see a variety of shower trays on So you can compare prices and contemplate the different finishes.

Resin and mineral filler

This type of shower tray is state-of-the-art. Its composition mixes resin with quartz or marble.

It is thanks to this mixture of materials that a unique result is obtained. We are facing a very economical and resistant shower tray.

One of the most important details is that they have a thickness of about 3 cm. Due to this low thickness they are classified as extra-flat, and become the ideal solution for small bathrooms.

They will barely raise the height of the shower so almost no space will be lost between the floor and the ceiling.

You should also know that they are manufactured in a multitude of shapes and finishes. You can opt for a rough or flat surface and choose from a wide range of different colors.


Opting for ceramic as a material for the shower tray is the most economical option. Although the resin and mineral filler also have a very tight price, with ceramics you are sure that you are opting for a very low cost solution.

They are made of porcelain, and are very characteristic for their glossy white and resplendent finish. Thanks to this light tonality they bring luminosity to the bathroom.

They have a great resistance to scratching, but are more fragile to shocks. On a positive side, they are able to keep bacteria and fungi away thanks to their low porosity.

Natural stone

If you are looking to take the decoration of the bathroom to a higher level you will want to opt for natural stone shower trays.

In this category slate, marble, quartz and granite are grouped, and all four offer a unique and elegant finish.

It is an option with a higher cost than the previous two, but it will not necessarily go out of your budget. Currently there are natural stone dishes at a very good price.

As positive points we find:

  • Highly resistant to shocks and aggressive cleaning products
  • Original and elegant appearance
  • Surface warmer to the touch than ceramic
  • 100% natural and sustainable product

In this case the only drawback is the price, but you can find cheaper options that may be worthwhile.

With these dishes it is advisable to opt for a transparent shower screen (here you can see the different types of screens). So the dish will be visible from any point of the bathroom, providing a very elegant design to it.

Solid surface

The solid surface is a material that mixes polyester resin with mineral solids of natural origin, and is also used in other types of elements such as countertops, sinks or bathtubs.

It is a high-quality solution with numerous advantages. It has a great resistance to shocks and scratches, and has the characteristic that it can be repaired. In the event that its surface is damaged, it will be possible to repair it and thus avoid having to replace the entire plate.

You can find a wide variety of colors and finishes and also resists cleaning products well since it has very low porosity.

It is a great choice for any bathroom. If you are looking for great features with an elegant design you should consider the solid surface as a material for your shower tray.


Acrylic shower trays are very similar to ceramic ones. They are less common, but have a quality / price ratio practically the same.

As with ceramic products, they are only found in white, but you should be careful when using cleaning products as it has greater porosity. It is best to clean them with water and a mild soap.

On the other hand, they are somewhat more resistant to shocks, so it will be more difficult for them to fracture.

It is a material to take into account if you are looking for a ceramic shower tray. You will give up the good finishes of natural stone or resin, but on the other hand you will get a very economical product.

It is normal that when making our online purchase we do not realize the details of each product. That is why it is advisable to inform yourself before placing our order, even briefly.

We are at a point where we have experimented with many materials and that causes the number of options from which we can choose has skyrocketed.

Choose your shower tray

This may seem like good news, since you have a wider range of products, but it has a negative side: it costs us more to know what we can buy.

With this post you can choose your ideal shower tray dedicating a small part of your time to inform you about all the materials.

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By Catharine Bwana