7 ideas to reform a small bathroom

When we reform a room of the house we have some freedom to make all the changes we want, but when it comes to a small room we are more limited.

To face the reform of a small bathroom I bring you 7 ideas with which to get the maximum possible space. In this way you will achieve a balance between the bathroom of your dreams and a bathroom with more space.

Change of bathtub for shower tray

This should be the first change you consider making in the bathroom reform.

But there is an important detail: the shower tray can not occupy the same as the bathtub. It is very common that in the changes of bathtub by plate the same surface is used, achieving only an aesthetic change and functionality.

In this case what you should look for is to gain space in the bathroom. For that you will have to install a shower tray that takes up less space than the bathtub. The advantage of these dishes is that you have more freedom when choosing their dimensions.

Opt for a size in which you can move well, but adjusting the surface used to the maximum.

Change bathtub for shower tray

Place a sliding door

The access doors of the bathrooms always open towards the interior of the same. When the bathroom is very small this is a problem, since you have to leave space for the door to turn.

A good solution is to change the hinged door for a sliding one. You can even make the change on your own by reusing the door you already have installed (stop by our post on how to turn a normal door into a sliding door).

In this way you will have greater freedom when it comes to locating all the bathroom elements.

In addition, these doors have an original appearance. With them you will give a very interesting change to home decoration.

And if you do not have space outside the bathroom for the door to slide you can always change the direction in which you open the folding door. Make it open in the opposite direction and so it will not invade the toilet.

Convert swing door to sliding door

Añade un mueble de lavabo

Antiguamente era muy común que el lavabo fuese un elemento independiente. Consistía en un soporte de cerámica que sostenía el lavabo en sí. No tenía ninguna función de almacenaje.

Mantener este sistema es un error, ya que tendrás que añadir espacio de almacenaje en otro lugar del baño.

Retira el antiguo lavabo y opta por uno que incorpore cajones o estantes. El lavabo en sí ocupará algo más de espacio, pero merecerá la pena.

Washbasin with furniture

Remove the bidet

The reform of a small bathroom is the ideal time to remove the bidet. This element occupies an important space in the bathroom, so the best solution is to eliminate it.

Think that you not only win the bidet space, you also get all the separation space you needed.

However, removing the bidet does not imply having to stop using it. There are toilet adapters that add their function. You will have a jet of water with this addition.

This solution is ideal for narrow bathrooms. On one wall will go the sink and toilet and at the back the shower tray. You will thus get enough space to be able to move comfortably.

Remove the bidet from the bathroom

Place shelves

There is a place that you should make the most of for storage: the wall above the toilet. Add shelves or a piece of furniture.

When the toilet is on the wall you will not have contact with it, so it becomes the ideal space to store items in a small bathroom.

Another solution is to place a bookshelf. There are models that leave the entire lower part free so that it can be placed on the toilet.

If you opt for the shelf you should not worry, but if you want them to be shelves have them placed during the reform.

Use of shelves in small bathrooms

Light colors and mirrors: the best allies of small bathrooms

To not feel that you lack space in a small bathroom four you have to play with two factors: color and the placement of mirrors.

When you choose tiles or bathroom paint, opt for light tones. In this way you will have better lighting and, therefore, a greater sense of spaciousness.

On the other hand, mirrors are indispensable elements of small rooms Returning the reflection of the bathroom gives the feeling that the space is twice as large.

If your wall allows it, place a large mirror. It will seem that your bathroom has increased its size by a few square meters.

Use light colors and mirrors

Place a towel rack

Heated towel rails are heating systems designed so that you can hang up the towel. This way you will make sure that it dries quickly and that when you use it it is hot.

But there is another advantage: when installing an electric towel rail you will not need another air conditioning system.

There are with a minimum size and are fixed to the wall. In this way you avoid having to incorporate a heater or a radiator into the bathroom. They are also adapted to work with high concentrations of relative humidity.

Of course, use it with head. Do not leave it on 24 hours. If possible, turn it on a while before the shower so that it heats the bathroom and, once you have finished, turn it off.

There are smart plugs that allow you to program their use. So you can set a schedule where it turns on in the morning a while before you wake up and then turns off. It is a very interesting solution.

Heated towel rail

Since each situation is unique, you will have to assess which reforms you can carry out and which you cannot.

An interesting option is to consult the reform company that you are going to hire. They will have seen many different situations and you will be able to provide interesting ideas for your specific case.

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By Catharine Bwana