How to place artificial grass on a terrace step by step

Admit it: you would love to have a house with a garden. But reality leads us to have to settle for a flat with a terrace.

The good news is that, thanks to artificial grass, we can have a little garden in our apartment.

We are going to review in this post the process to place it correctly. When you have it you will enjoy twice that small outdoor land of your house.

Advantages of laying artificial grass

If you are still not clear about the choice of artificial grass for the floor of your terrace here are some advantages to convince you.

  • Improve the appearance of the terrace: a balcony will look much better simply by adding the grass to the ground.
  • Absence of care: once installed you can forget about it. With the passage of time you can do some care, but it will be minimal.
  • Greater comfort: whether you want to lie down or walk barefoot you can do it on the lawn. It will provide you with a softer surface to lean on it.
  • Withstands rain: unlike carpets or rugs, artificial grass will have no problem on rainy days.
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Necessary material

Before launching yourself to place the grass on your balcony you must confirm that you have everything you need.

  • Cleaning material (broom, mop…)
  • Sufficient m2 of lawn
  • Adhesive bands
  • Cutter
  • Brush
  • Silica sand (optional)

If you are missing an instrument, do not start with the project unless you can find a substitute that is up to the task.

Laying the lawn step by step

Now let’s look at the process in detail to extend and fix the grass to the floor of your terrace.

Step 1: Prepare the surface

You should spend enough time cleaning the terrace floor. You are going to use adhesive materials, so you must ensure proper cleaning so that the greatest grip occurs.

Sweep and scrub thoroughly, and if necessary use a pressure washer. The floor has to be free of dirt. When you’re done, wait for it to dry.

Step 2: Lay down the lawn

If you use a union band, place it on the floor starting from one of the corners of the terrace. Remove the protective paper and glue the beginning of the grass roll.

Tendrás que prestar atención a su colocación: cuida que vaya recto (toma como referencia la pared) y establece el sentido del césped que desees.

In the case of using the self-adhesive band you can directly stick the grass to the ground, since the adhesive will already come in it.

Keep placing on rest of grass strips. Note that the direction of the lawn is the same, otherwise there would be an unaesthetic effect.

Step 3: Trim excess grass

When you finish spreading the grass plates you should cut the leftovers. It is very difficult to fit perfectly, so you will have to use a cutter to remove the excesses.

Make the cut carefully so that it is to measure. If you rush and make a bad cut you will spoil the whole roll.

Step 4: Let it dry

The maximum grip of the adhesives is achieved within 24 hours. Place weights along the adhesive bands and wait this time to continue laying the lawn.

Step 5: Brush and fill the lawn

After installation you must brush the lawn against the grain. This makes it take off completely. Being stored in rolls is compressed, and to stylize it is best to brush.

Additionally you can add silica sand. This is optional, but it has some advantages: the fibers are more raised, it absorbs moisture better and extends its useful life.

Step 6: Wet the lawn

When you have all the grass in place, have waited 24 hours and brushed it (and optionally added the sand) it is time to give it a hose.

Putting grass on the floor of a balcony

The good thing about artificial grass is that it is very economical. For the great solution offered the investment is minimal.

In addition, it is an element that will last for years. Putting artificial grass on your terrace is a decision you will not regret.

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By Catharine Bwana