Ideas for renovating narrow bathrooms: take advantage of every space

We can think that reforming narrow bathrooms is a complicated task. However, with the right tips, we can achieve it in a simple way to turn our stay into a much wider one.

The bathroom is one of the most important places in our home. If you want a corner in which to relax and feel at ease, follow the steps and turn it into what you have always wanted.

How to reform a narrow and elongated bathroom

One of the peculiarities of these spaces is that they are usually narrow and elongated bathrooms, so we will have to get the feeling that they are wider and shorter, to achieve the visual balance that we are looking for.

Find out how.

1. What to do before renovating your bathroom

Before we get down to work on reform, we must take action on other issues. Whether we talk about small elongated or large bathrooms, we have to:

  • Take the measurements of the plant.
  • Locate the door and the place where the water intakes are located.
  • Point out the location of the toilet.

2. Leave one side of the bathroom free

Now that we have the first step clear, we can continue to design. The way of placing the elements will be key to achieving the amplitude that we need so much.

To do this, the best idea is to concentrate the furniture and sanitary ware on one side of the bathroom leaving the other wall free. Thus, we will circulate through our bathroom without any object getting in the way.

3. Goodbye to elements that hinder

In line with the above, it is also important to point out the need, if our bathroom is narrow, to get rid of some elements that are unnecessary today.

An example of this is the bidet. If we remove it, we will gain space as if by magic to be able to place another larger piece of furniture or expand the space.

4. Betting on the shower, a great idea

The elongated and narrow bathrooms are not friends of elements such as the bathtub, since it is one of the toilets that will take away more space.

Therefore, we must choose a shower tray that meets the following characteristics:

  • Shower tray at ground level, without step.
  • Screen of thin profiles, which gives a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Transparent glassware, to let light through.

5. Shorten the sole of an elongated bath

When we place all the elements on one side, leaving the other free, we can have the feeling that the bathroom is even longer.

We solve this by shortening the plant by decorating the free wall in a particular way or placing the shower in that place (provided that the width is at least 1.40 m).

We can also, for example, place the toilet or, simply, opt for a different coating, which attracts attention.

Ideas para reformar baños estrechos

Other tips to make your narrow bathroom seem bigger

Now that we know how to reform our narrow bathrooms, we can accentuate the feeling of spaciousness by carrying out other simple details.

– Toilets suspended to gain space

In modern narrow bathrooms, we will achieve greater amplitude by placing toilets and suspended furniture, and not at ground level. In addition, in this way, we will also save time when cleaning.

– Earn on storage with these tricks

Storage, especially in small bathrooms, becomes almost essential. We can achieve this in different ways:

  • Choose a toilet with built-in cistern to create a tall piece of furniture, with little bottom, where to place cans.
  • Integrate columns or pillars in a closet to gain space.
  • Place next to the columns open shelves.
  • Use the space under the toilets and suspended furniture to place items such as baskets or storage boxes.

– Let the decoration play in your favor

After the reform, the decoration must also play in our favor at all times. The goal? That our narrow bathroom does not seem so at first glance.

A style that fits perfectly with this bathroom style is minimalist. We can recreate it in our stay using the following:

  • Bet on light and bright tones in your bathroom, to give a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Earth-colored accents will bring warmth to the space and help us relax.
  • Paint the background of the bathroom a darker shade to create shortening the length.
  • Acquire mirrors to create a sense of depth (we can even place a mirror screen if we want to risk).
  • Make a combination of different tiles for the floor and wall, avoiding the tube effect.
  • Highlight the profiles in black to provide an extra elegance.
  • Use plants to decorate your bathroom and even small paintings.
  • Bet on decorative storage baskets or boxes.
  • Always keep your bathroom organized.

Reforming narrow bathrooms and decorating them to get a feeling of greater amplitude and that we can circulate through them freely is easier than you imagine. Follow these steps and get the look for your bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

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By Catharine Bwana