The electronic locks recommended by locksmiths

If you like to have good finishes in your home I recommend that you switch to electronic locks. This is the evolution of the classic lock, and they bring a few very interesting functions.

To make the change of the lock correctly you should put yourself in the hands of professionals, as is the case of This way you will know that your door has the necessary security measures.

Throughout the post we will see the different types of electronic locks that currently exist in the market and which are the most recommended. This way you will know which one to choose for your home.

Invisible electronic locks

First of all we have the electronic locks that are hidden. This is achieved thanks to the opening system, which does not need direct contact with the key.

The lock may be completely hidden inside the door. The great advantage of this is that it cannot be manipulated, since it is impossible to access it without being inside the house.

In this group we find two types of locks: those with remote control and those that work by bluetooth.

  • Remote control lock

Instead of using a key, a remote control is used to operate the bolt. This is achieved thanks to the frequency of the controller, which acts as a single code.

  • Lock with bluetooth

Instead of using the frequency of the remote control, Bluetooth technology is used. To operate the lock it is enough to use the mobile and an app designed by the manufacturer of the lock.

Electronic keyless locks

There is another group of electronic locks: those that do not need a key. This is actually more common than it seems, since there are several systems that can be used.

The positive point of not needing a key is that you can enter and leave the house without worrying about having taken it. In addition, you will not run the risk of losing the key and having to call a locksmith to change the lock.

The two most widespread locks of this type are those that use a numerical code and those that work with biometric data.

  • Locks with numeric codes

The lock incorporates a small keypad in which the combination will have to be introduced. It can be used for both the main door and the portal door.

  • Lock with biometric data

There are modern locks that use fingerprint, iris, and even facial recognition to be able to open. They are the ones with the highest cost, but also the safest.

Keyless lock

Electronic locks with cards

The last group of locks are those that are opened by using a card. The most comfortable point is that you can carry the card as one more inside the wallet.

It is a small and lightweight piece of plastic that will not weigh in your pocket.

A couple of different opening systems can be used, and are a good alternative to classic locks.

  • Magnetic card

In this case the card has a magnetic stripe that will be read by the lock. It was frequently used in hotels, although proximity cards are increasingly used.

  • Proximity cards

It is the evolution of the magnetic card. In this improved version, an RFID system is used that provides extra security to the lock. It will only be necessary to bring the card to the reader.

Card lock

To know which is the best lock for your home you should first know which of the 3 groups of locks is the one that interests you most. Any of the options are good, but you will have to opt for the one you like the most.

Once you decide you should opt for the most sophisticated option. In this element of the house you should not cut expenses, as it can become the most vulnerable point against thieves.

The best option will be to combine two different lock systems. If you only have one door to access your home, combine a classic lock with an electronic one, such as the invisible one.

But if you have to open two doors to enter the home, the most comfortable thing will be to have a keyless lock on the first door and another with a key on the front door. This way you will not carry numerous keys every time you leave home.

Types of electronic locks

As you have seen throughout the post there is no shortage of lock options. Thanks to technological advances we have more and more options, and this allows us to improve security.

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By Catharine Bwana