How to design a modern kitchen

Today this space is no longer a place only reserved for cooking and eating, but is almost completely integrated into daily life; That is why functionality, practicality and decoration play a very important role in the modern kitchen.

There is a clear tendency to open the kitchens to the rest of the house, thus providing more dynamism to the space, connecting it with the rest of the rooms, and whenever possible with the outside through large windows.

Not all decorations follow a rule, so the modern style allows us an infinity of combinations of colors and shapes in materials and furniture, respecting style and personal image.

In this post I am going to show you how to design a modern kitchen, but if you want to see examples I recommend that you see all these modern kitchen design ideas.


When designing kitchens not everyone can enjoy the ideal shape or the perfect space, so many professionals apply what is known as “Work Triangle”, which is a consistent division between the work areas (storage, cooking and washing area).

The most common types of kitchen distribution according to the movements when cooking are:

  • U-shaped kitchens: it is the best distribution for a square shape, it is very practical when using one side in the form of a countertop and bar, and the other as a kitchen and sink.
  • L-shaped kitchens and kitchens in parallel lines: their distribution is a good alternative for small spaces.
  • Island kitchens: it is the best option when we have ample space. An extra area that will allow us to use it not only as a work surface, but also as a breakfast area, and in which we will gain space taking advantage of drawers and cabinets. It is frequently used in open kitchens.
kitchen with island


The materials are very important when defining a modern kitchen, as they will greatly influence its decoration and qualities. Let’s see the different options:


Marble and its great variety of veins in their natural form, or through materials that imitate it, once again have their place on both walls and countertops.


The tiles are back to stay, both the square and the small and elongated rectangular “metro type”.

– Wood and stone

Quartz, marble and wood combined are increasingly used as flooring, wall and even countertop cladding.

White oak is one of the most used woods, light colors predominate as they hide much more scratches and indelible spots than dark colors.

– Concrete floors and countertops

Concrete, better known as concrete, provides a modern, industrial look to the kitchen; This combined with wood generates very sophisticated spaces.

– Contrasting textures

Contrasting texture finishes are trendy.

There are endless possibilities since the materials are diverse, for example: slate with wood or cabinets in dark matt colors, combined with warm metal sinks in bronze color.

– Stainless steel

For sinks stainless steel does not lose its place, as it is durable and economical, although today there is a high demand in the granite sink market.

Modern kitchen materials


The distribution of furniture is essential from the point of view of utility. The main objective is to achieve a minimalist style kitchen taking advantage of the spaces to the maximum; That is why the removable cabinets as well as the corner modules are ideal for their spaciousness and comfort.

The furniture that most imposes trend in modern kitchens are those fully integrated into the wall, seeming to be part of it.

If you think about reforming, you can change pieces, transform them, paint them or apply imitation vinyl, thus achieving excellent results.

Furniture integrated into the walls


Black, dark gray and blue: these colors combine very well not only with each other (for example navy blue silenced with black, gray or white), but also with wood and metals, giving an appearance of elegance and refinement to the spaces. Dark colors tend to have a matte finish on the furniture, which makes them feel like a matte to…

White: it is a classic in kitchens, this provides luminosity and enlarges the space giving an aspect of hygiene, freshness and purity. The white color can be combined with touches of black, concrete, granite and natural color woods.

Grey and beige: these two tones combined create a contrast that brings warmth, in a modern and contemporary style.

Green: it is another color that is triumphing in modern kitchens, especially forest green, teal, and mint green. The same goes for old pink, because not everything is black and white; Sometimes daring to alternate colors can be an excellent option.

black kitchen


Another important point in modern decoration is to achieve good lighting that increases the feeling of space.

If we talk about natural light, the large windows that connect with the outside are an important point; Not only do they provide a spaciousness look, but they also provide better ventilation.

Lights can be hidden in furniture, giving an integral solution; Decorative lamps can also be used.

bright kitchen

Dare! With your own ideas, proposals and decorative secrets, you can get a new modern, practical and comfortable kitchen, whether you have a large space or not.

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By Catharine Bwana