Tips for knowing which appliances to buy

The correct choice of appliances is a key aspect for any home. Not only does its appearance influence, but you also have to think about the different functionalities.

Since they will accompany you for many years it is important to make a good decision, and with these tips it will be easier for you to get it.

Energy efficiency

This should be the first aspect in which you should fine when comparing several appliances. For example, in this article where they show comparisons between dishwashers, energy efficiency is one of the aspects that are most mentioned. That is a very important point.

An appliance in a cycle of use or for a day hardly consumes energy, but if we analyze it 5 or 10 years from now the situation changes.

To pay less on your electricity bill, it is best to choose highly efficient appliances, since they will be responsible for minimizing energy consumption.

Then it will be in your hands to give it a responsible use, but at least you know that they will be very efficient.


You have to measure very well the dimensions you have available for the appliance. It is not enough to calculate “by eye” the measurements, you need to know exactly the size of the hole where you are going to put the new equipment.

Take a meter and measure with the accuracy of centimeters. And remember: 59 cm is not 60 cm. We can not push the furniture at will, even 1 cm.

The same goes if you are thinking of reforming your kitchen. Establish precisely the dimensions of the furniture and the countertop counting on the size of the different appliances.

Doing this process well will avoid big headaches in the future. Get used to measuring dimensions in detail.

External appearance

The appearance of an appliance may be beautiful, but will it look good with the rest of the kitchen?

Think about the colors you have used in the decoration of the kitchen. If you have opted for metallic tones, choose an appliance with this finish.

Otherwise it will clash and worsen the decoration of the entire room. You can always make small adjustments with paint or vinyl, but it is best that you hit the base with the look you need the appliance to have.

Example of American cuisine


A mistake we sometimes make is to take an appliance with countless different functionalities. We see all the possibilities they offer and believe we need them, but that’s not always the case.

Choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher that is too professional will be an unnecessary expense. Think about the use you give in the day to day to these devices, and try to take a new one that meets these needs. Anything you do too much is likely to be won’t be used.

In the end what we need in our life is reduced to a few functionalities. A dishwasher with 15 washing programs is very tempting, but you will not end up using more than 2 or 3 different ones.

After-sales service

Appliances break down. This is something you won’t be able to avoid. These are machines with a high workload, so there will be parts that wear out and fail.

In these cases it is best to have a good after-sales service that can fix the equipment if it is a factory failure.

When the manufacturer has a good service, it will be enough to make a call. Otherwise, it is not uncommon for you to end up spending hours on the phone trying to get someone to give you a solution…


This may seem obvious but… Does the purchase of the appliance include transportation? It is not uncommon for stores or supermarkets to charge you extra for this service.

Normally it is not usually a very high amount, but if you are comparing appliances from different stores make sure this concept is included.

If one of the stores has not incorporated it into the sale price, it can unbalance the balance and make it cheaper for you to buy it in the other establishment.

What you should avoid is to start buying it and, if you later realize that it does not include transportation, think that you will be able to take it home yourself.

These are heavy equipment that are not easy to handle. In addition, the company will take the old appliance, so the work from which they release you is double.

Cocina con electrodomésticos

In TV commercials everything looks very nice: the factories are pristine, the workers are happy and the operation will always seem the best possible.

But the reality is very different. If you make a bad choice of your appliance you will lose time and money. That is why it is advisable to spend some time making a comparison in detail.

On the internet you have many different comparisons that will help you make the best decision.

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By Catharine Bwana