Types of PVC blinds for the home

It is likely that you are looking for a couple of PVC blinds to place in your home and take advantage of all its benefits thanks to the fact that you have heard people talk about how good they are.

However, there are many models on the market that make it difficult to choose for this reason we want to help you by showing you some types of blinds and the benefits that each one has, as well as what a PVC blind is.

What is a PVC blind?

These blinds in particular are characterized by the quality material from which they are made. Many people can confuse PVC blinds with aluminum blinds, but in reality, although they are similar, it is not the same.

The best thing about PVC is that the material is resistant to different climate changes and has very good stability, it can even be recycled, thus taking care of the environment.

What types of blinds are there?

The types may vary depending on the material from which they are manufactured and the purpose for which they are made. However, this time we will show you some of them that you will surely like.

Venetian blinds

These are some of the most popular blinds. They are also known as the horizontal blinds style. In addition, people prefer them since they are very easy to install and are quite resistant so they can last for a long time.

This type of blinds are perfect for use in office windows for greater privacy so that you can work better.

Venetian blinds

Roller blinds

These types of blinds are the most common and never go out of style. Thanks to their colors and shape they easily replace wooden slats. In addition, they have a fairly modern design. It can be used on windows and will almost entirely block the sun’s rays.

They are also very easy to install so you can use it even on your door if you warrant it. You can protect your home from the sun’s rays and prevent your furniture from being damaged. But it not only blocks sunlight but also that generated by bulbs.

If you are going to use them in your room they are perfect since they can allow you to have a good night’s rest and make you feel very comfortable getting total darkness. And as the name implies, they can be rolled up which means you’ll be able to buy whatever size you need.

Another advantage of this type of blinds is that they are very easy to clean and you do not need to have a variety of specific chemicals to leave them shiny.

In addition, they do not retain dust which makes them perfect to take care of health and avoid allergies that this could cause. In addition, they are very light, so they will be easy to transport and even disassemble to clean them if necessary.

roller blinds

Adjustable blinds

These blinds are ideal if you want no light to pass into the room thanks to how they are manufactured because they consist of a single piece without any type of union where rays of light can enter.

The best thing about this type of blinds is that they give you great durability because they are quite resistant to weather abatement. It will be able to withstand the heat of the summer sun, as well as the freezing cold of winter.

However, although it protects very well from the sun, it also allows the air to circulate very well which makes it one of the best options to choose.

The way to clean them is made much easier thanks to the fact that you simply have to look for a cleaning cloth and pass it through one piece. You will not have to focus on grids, divisions or joints since they have none of this which makes them perfect.

Adjustable blinds

Alicante shutter

If you are looking for a blind model that is a little simpler then this is the type you need. These blinds were initially made of wood, but thanks to the arrival of materials such as PVC they were replaced.

If at home you need the blinds because you have large windows these blinds will give you the coverage you need since another of its most remarkable features is that they have a good size.

Alicante Blind

Blinds with drawer

Nor should we forget the classic blinds. They are those that when rolled up are hidden inside a drawer located at the top of the window.

It is the model that offers the best light blocking, since when it is completely lowered it is pressed, covering any light input.

They are the most expensive to install, but also the ones that guarantee the best result in the long term.

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By Catharine Bwana