The importance of an energy certification in your new home

Whether you have decided to buy your new home or if you want to sell or rent the one you already have, you need an energy efficiency certificate issued by a professional technician. How to achieve the best level of energy certification, we explain it to you?

Application for energy certificate

An authorized technician will visit the house in order to assess the certification and issue the corresponding certificate. Once the document has been obtained, you will have to register with the corresponding institution of each Autonomous Community. Only in this way will it become official.

How to get the best energy certificate?

Improving the energy efficiency of your home will have a direct impact on your pocket with respect to energy savings on the bill.
Some of the actions you can take to get better certified are:

Invest in thermal insulation

The insulation of the property both outside and inside will improve the energy rating.

Optimal orientation

The best orientation of a home is one that is oriented to the solar path in both the northern and southern hemispheres. In the event that this is not the case of your property, you can always reorganize the spaces and rooms to take advantage of those that receive more natural light, thus reducing the consumption of your bill.

Changing windows; Plan renove

In this case you have two options: place double window on the one that already exists or change them for new ones taking advantage of the renewal plan of your community.

In the event that the windows are old, the best option will be to replace them with new ones with greater insulation.

Some professional recommendations are, for example, to choose a low-e glass in case the windows are oriented to the north or always in the shade. Double or triple glazing depending on the geographical and climatic zone. This will also improve noise pollution inside the home.

Energy control through devices

Install smart devices in the home that can be programmed by remote control that contribute to this energy saving.

Efficient and smart appliances

Opting for an appliance with an A+++ rating allows you to save energy and quickly amortize the investment.

Another possibility is to replace your heating system with aerothermy.

Use of renewable energies

The use of solar panels for the production of hot water or photovoltaic panels that produce electricity for the interior of the building are two excellent sustainable options.

Energy efficiency by law

As of January 1, 2021, Europe will force the energy consumption of new homes to be practically zero. For this to happen, the level of energy efficiency plays a fundamental role.

The energy savings and revaluation experienced by a building with high energy certification are the keys to greater citizen awareness, but we must not forget that there are also health factors since the more sustainable our home is, the less pollution we will suffer. This has a direct impact on our physiological state. It is what is known as “healthy buildings” that without a doubt, in the state of pandemic that we find ourselves, will become increasingly relevant.

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By Catharine Bwana