What heating should I choose for a home in Madrid?

Madrid has very high temperatures in summer, but this does not mean that winters are mild. In this area of Spain it is very important to choose the heating system with head. There are several months in which it will be necessary and the economic cost will be high.

Getting the heating right is important to pay just enough. If you have to think about how you are going to heat your house in winter here are some small tips.

City heating

In the city it is common to see buildings with central heating, but if this is not the case of your home you can decide what heating you want. Here are a couple of alternatives:

–Natural gas

In large cities and towns, piped natural gas arrives, so using a natural gas boiler will be the best option. They are efficient equipment and the cost of this fuel is lower than that of electricity.

To distribute the heat around the house, the most normal thing is to use radiators. Another interesting alternative is underfloor heating, but not all homes are suitable.

– Heat pump

The heat pump is another interesting system for the city, especially if it is an apartment. It is the most efficient heating equipment there is right now and offers good results.

To work what it does is extract heat from the outside, and through the help of a compressor, raises the temperature of the fluid to heat the house.

Madrid is interesting to use this equipment. Although winters are very cold, temperatures are not as low as in northern Spain. In this way the heat extracted from the outside in winter will be greater.

Heating in the field

In the countryside you can choose the same heating system as the city, but there is another alternative that you can consider:


Using a pellet boiler is especially interesting if you live in a villa with enough space. It will be necessary to place a large boiler and the hopper to store the pellets. If this is possible it is an alternative that you should consider.

Pellets are a slightly cheaper fuel than natural gas and this type of boiler offers the same performance as the gas boiler. The heat is distributed throughout the house by radiators or underfloor heating.

What heating DO NOT use

Winter in Madrid is much harsher than in Seville. It does not make sense to choose a heating system that is more expensive than another, since it is several months that we will use it. That’s why I don’t recommend this heating system:

– Electric radiators

It is the most expensive heating system. Although its installation cost is lower than other systems, heating with electric radiators is very expensive. The cost of the electric kWh is higher than that of natural gas and pellets and the efficiency of these radiators is much lower compared to the heat pump.

If the house is in a warm climate, such as southern Spain, it can be an alternative to consider. But in Madrid it is totally inadvisable.

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By Catharine Bwana